This Essential Oil Has Me Sleeping Better Than EVER.

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I Didn’t Even Remember What A Good Night’s Sleep Felt Like…

I simply have to share this with you all.

I recently began experimenting with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. I found myself completely fed up with western medicine’s approach to my health. I’ve had many health related challenges over the years and time and time again, western medicine has failed to provide me with any insight or solution to my ailments. It has been frustrating, to say the least. In the past 10 years, I have wasted so much time and money seeing doctors who view my issues as isolated problems, unrelated to the rest of the body and mind.

The body is a holistic system. True healing requires you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. For some reason, I can’t seem to find a [western] doctor that can do that. A few years back I began exploring with eastern medicine practices, predominately acupuncture. It was incredibly effective. It opened up my eyes to a whole new perspective on healing.

Essential Oils: Where have you been all my life?!

I’ve had many friends recommend that I experiment with essential oils. I have to admit, I was slow to catch on to their advice. I was intrigued, but also a bit overwhelmed by the fact that I knew nothing about them. Which company do I buy from? What’s the difference between them? Which ones will help me? How do I learn how-and when-and who much to use?essential oils sleep better natural health lindsikay

Eventually, I started doing my research, and tackled all of these questions. Last month I invested in a set of high quality therapeutic oils, and I have been slowly testing their powers over the past several weeks. Through this experiment…I made a game changing discovery!

I have never slept well as an adult. In fact, due to a daily migraine problem when I was a teenager, I didn’t sleep solidly through the night once in 7 whole years. (Yes, it was torture.) I do better now, but still toss and turn endlessly and wake up frequently as I do so.

I did a bit of research about diffusing essential oils to facilitate peaceful sleep. I found several recommendations. The first I tried was lavender. I put two drops of lavender essential oil in my bedside diffuser, set it to 4 hours, and drifted peacefully to sleep. The lavender worked. I noticed a difference. I did it for a few nights, then skipped one to see what happened. I tossed and tuned all night like usual. I was immediately impressed, so I kept researching…

A Connection Learned Through Scent

Here’s a weird fact about me: I can’t smell flowers. As far as I know, I can smell everything else, but flowers have always been scentless to me. It’s totally weird, I know. Anyway, a few years ago I was swimming in the ocean in the pacific shores of Costa Rica. Upon sunset, I emerged from the water and as I walked on to the beach I was hit by a wall of scent that I had never experienced before. I didn’t recognize it. I asked a friend about it and she looked at me in surprise and said “You can smell that?! Lindsi, that’s flowers!” It was the first flower I ever smelled (I was 24.)

The flower I smelled was Ylang Ylang. The beach was covered in flowering Ylang Ylang trees as far as I could see in either direction. It was so unbelievably strong. The sweet perfume was lofting thought the salty air, Howler monkeys were screaming incessantly into the sunset, and the warm waves were swelling at my feet. It was a powerful moment.

When I jumped on board with this essential oils experiment, I was immediately drawn to Ylang Ylang. I wondered what it’s benefits were, and if there was a reason it was the only flower I have ever been able to smell. I found out that it’s key uses are emotional and immune based. Here is a brief summary of it’s uses:






Emotional: To ease depression, frustration, anxiety, sadness. (aromatic application)

Disinfects wounds and prevents tetanus. (topical application)

Hormonal Balance (topical application)

Reduces blood pressure. (aromatic application)

Assists with low lobido, sexual fatigue. (topical application)

Balances pituitary gland. (aromatic application)

Colic (topical application)


It’s sedative qualities had me wondering if diffusing it at night might also help me sleep, so I gave it a try. Total game changer. It worked even better than lavender. Plus, it gave me this euphoric feeling of peace and happiness as I drifted to sleep. The best part is that, because I slept so well, I woke up clear and alert and ready to start my day. I’m not sure if it’s the hormone balancing qualities of the oil, or just the power of an amazing nights sleep, but when I diffuse Ylang Ylang at night, I wake up in a good mood. Not groggy, but energized. It’s amazing.

essential oils better sleep natural health lindsikay sleeping better doterra

I have been using Ylang Ylang in my diffuser every night for a week now, and I am happy to report a consistent experience since. I highly recommend giving it a try. If this oil is a bit to flowery or perfumy for you, give lavender a try instead. It was also very helpful to me. In fact, I am planning on adding it back into a nightly rotation as soon as I get another bottle! That way my body doesn’t become desensitized to any one oil. (Not sure if that can happen, but I certainly don’t want it to with my current favorite!)

It Matters Where You Source Your Oils From…BIG TIME.

If you are thinking about trying essential oils and want some advice on which brands to source your oils from (it matters, big time!), feel free to contact me and I will pass along what I’ve learned. It may save you days of researching and digging through product information and reviews. That being said, my process is to research…extensively, so I spent weeks talking to friends, colleagues, and professionals about their experiences with essential oils, including where they buy them and the results they’ve experienced with their application. Leave me your email below, and I would be happy to start a conversation with you about what I learned.

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