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kmi rolfing session 10 torso and breath lindsikay rolfing review

My Experience With ROLFING: Integrating Torso and Breath [Session 10]

Integrating the Torso and Breath The Second Integration Session We’ve made it to session 10! I only have 2 more appointments left! This session works to stabilize and balance the torso, putting a heavy emphasis on breath and the opening of the ribcage. The purpose of this session is to address the balance of all lines through the upper body.…
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rolfing session 9 integrating the lower body ida rolf structural integration

My Experience With ROLFING: Integrating the Lower Body [Session 9]

We’ve Made It To The Integration Sessions! After completing the last of the deep core sessions last week, we have moved into the final segment of the 12 part series: the integration sessions. This segment is made up of the final four Rolfing appointments before completing the series. It’s all about leveling the work we’ve…
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rolfing review session 4 the spiral line rolfing experiment lindsikay

My Experience With ROLFING: The Spiral Line [Session 4]

The Final Superficial Session: The Spiral Line I have completed my fourth session! This one focused on the Spiral Line. This is the final session of the superficial section of the series. In other words, it is the final “once-around” the shallow end, before we start going deeper. The Spiral Line focuses on rotational patterns within the…
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rolfing experieince session 2 superficial backline

My Experience With ROLFING: Superficial Backline [Session 2]

Back for Session 2 of my Rolfing Experiment…He-llo Superficial Backline! Thank you for joining me on my Rolfing experiment. This post is a part of a special series in which I share my session-by-session Rolfing experience with all of you. The reason I’m sharing this is because when I first discovered Rolfing, I started googling it…
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my experience with rolfing session 1 superficial frontline

My Experience With ROLFING: Superficial Frontline [Session 1]

I’ve officially started my Rolfing series! This is the second (read the first post here) of roughly twelve blog posts that will describe the experience I’ve had with a method of structural integration called Rolfing. I will post one blog/vlog per session with my Rolfer. I will attempt to keep it brief and focused on my…
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rolfing experiment this is my experience

I Have Decided To Give ROLFING A Try…Follow My Journey!

I spend all day long listening to my body. When I’m stretching, training, doing yoga, walking, sitting, dancing, or mowing the lawn…I am always in detection and assessment mode. Part of being a movement artist is that you can’t quite turn that off. I feel like I am constantly “tuning in” to my physical state. We…
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