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kmi rolfing review session 11 arms and shoulders ida rolf

My Experience With ROLFING: Integrating the Shoulders and Arms [Session 11]

Session 11: Integrating the Shoulders and Arms The Rolfers over at Boston Integrated Body put it best: “In this session we settle the shoulders over the now more balanced ribcage. Using the four lines of Superficial and Deep Front Arm Lines, and the Superficial and Deep Back Arm Lines we trace the myofascial relationships from…
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rolfing review experiment session 3 the lateral line structural integration

My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3]

Rolfing Session 3: The Lateral Line The third session of a KMI Rolfing series addresses the lateral line of your body.¬†Your Rolfer will work to stretch the fascia that runs along¬†both sides of your body. This treatment seeks to engage the stabilizing muscles and fascia necessary in order to support the work from sessions 1…
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