My Experience With ROLFING: Upper Deep Front Line [Session 8]

my experience with kmi rolfing session 8 upper deep front line rolfing review

I hope you’re ready…


…this session gets a little weird.


* Don’t let the strangeness of this session scare you off though, it wasn’t painful, just a little shocking.


kmi rolfing strange weird my experience session 8 the upper deep core line

This session…described in one photo.


KMI Rolfing’s Session 8: The Upper Deep Front Line

This is the final session in the deep core session subset of the KMI Rolfing series. As I understand it, it’s also unique to the Structural Integration approach we’re working with. This session works in the deep myofascial structures of the neck. It addresses cranium release, jaw symmetry, fascial muscle tension, sinuses and breath.

I wasn’t sure it was possible…but I think this session got a little weirder for me than that deep rib cage session we had a few weeks ago. While I have had a lot of deep neck attention in the past, I haven’t had a lot of body work done on my face. Talk about testing the boundaries of your comfort zone…this session definitely does that. Luckily, it comes a bit later in the series, when you’ve undoubtabley formed some level of trust and comfort in your Rolfer.


The Final Session in the Deep Core Series Subset

The video below delves into the reasons I found this session to be so strange. (I bet I’m not alone!) I must say that I did notice some significant change immediately upon receiving the work. At the end of this video, I also describe a (super positive) observation I’ve had since receiving the work in Session 7! This is the type of thing I’ve been waiting for since I began this series…

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