My Experience With ROLFING: The Spiral Line [Session 4]

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The Final Superficial Session: The Spiral Line

I have completed my fourth session! This one focused on the Spiral Line. This is the final session of the superficial section of the series. In other words, it is the final “once-around” the shallow end, before we start going deeper. The Spiral Line focuses on rotational patterns within the body. This session begins in the arches of the feet and then moves up the legs and core in a spiral fashion, seeking to intersect the lines we worked in the previous three sessions. The work done in session four connects the entire superficial body, allowing it to communicate through tension.

Taking A Step Back To Assess The Big Picture

My video review of my fourth session addresses something particularly important–something I haven’t spoken much about. After going through the session with you, I speak a bit about where I’m at with the series in general. I talk about a few things I’ve noticed, both subtle and extreme. I also share where I’m at in the relationship I’m building with my Rolfer, and I reveal a few revelations that this Rolfing experiment has uncovered for me so far.


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