My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3]

rolfing review experiment session 3 the lateral line structural integration

Rolfing Session 3: The Lateral Line

The third session of a KMI Rolfing series addresses the lateral line of your body. Your Rolfer will work to stretch the fascia that runs along both sides of your body. This treatment seeks to engage the stabilizing muscles and fascia necessary in order to support the work from sessions 1 and 2. This process begins at the feet, working up the outer leg, including the IT band and abdominal obliques. Then up through the rib cage (that was weird!), shoulders and neck.


And The Intensity Continues…

I really liked this session. Although, I must say that the work my Rolfer did on my inner shoulders was probably the most painful yet. The stretching of the connective tissue over the rib cage was also a very strange sensation. Not super painful…more like incredibly uncomfortable. Below is my video blog for session 3, in which I describe my entire experience with the Lateral Line.

Need to catch up on previous sessions? Visit my YouTube page LindsiKay to see previous videos from My Rolfing Experiment series.

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Do you have experience with Rolfing? I would love to hear from you, especially if you were a patient that completed the entire series! What did you think about it? Has it helped you? Do the results last long-term? Feel free to comment your experience below, or send me an email with your thoughts to 


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  2. […] My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3] […]

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  4. […] My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3] […]

  5. […] My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3] […]

  6. […] My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3] […]

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