My Experience With ROLFING: Lower Deep Front Line [Session 5]

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Welcome to the Deep Core Sessions

I’ve made it through session 5! This session is called the lower deep front line, and it is the first in a 3 part subset of the series called the “Deep Core Sessions”. I officially completed my superficial lines in sessions 1-4, which basically primed my fascia for the deeper work to come. So this session was the first in which we went deeper.


KMI Rolfing Session 5: Lower Deep Front Line

Session 5 focuses on the inner leg and it’s support of the knees and pelvis. This session started in the deep arches of my feet, and worked it’s way up my inseam all the way to the pelvic floor. One of the most intense part of this session for me was the work in the adductors, which you can hear more about in the video below.

I had a huge discovery in this session. I identified some lazy muscles that are not firing the way they should be, causing additional stain and reliance on the surrounding muscles to complete my tasks. I also noticed that I have way less understanding and mental control over these more stagnant parts of my body. I cannot isolate and manipulate them as effortlessly as I can other parts of me. This was a fascinating and surprising discovery for me. Hear more about it here…


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Do you have experience with Rolfing? I would love to hear from you, especially if you were a patient that completed the entire series! What did you think about it? Has it helped you? Do the results last long-term? Feel free to comment your experience below, or send me an email with your thoughts to 


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