My Experience With ROLFING: Integrating the Shoulders and Arms [Session 11]

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Session 11: Integrating the Shoulders and Arms

The Rolfers over at Boston Integrated Body put it best:

“In this session we settle the shoulders over the now more balanced ribcage. Using the four lines of Superficial and Deep Front Arm Lines, and the Superficial and Deep Back Arm Lines we trace the myofascial relationships from their roots in the torso and neck to the hands. We work with freeing myofascial as well as neuro-vascular restrictions the arms and shoulders to allow the arm greater and ease and function of movement.”

Approaching the End: My wrists and shoulders have been waiting for this…

I have been waiting for this session for months now. I have been struggling for awhile with a recovering wrist injury, which has been causing all sorts of havoc in my arms and shoulders. My biggest struggle lately has been managing creeping reflective injuries. My hopes were that this session would provide me some relief and a bit of a ‘reset’ in my upper body. The video blog below goes into detail about my experience with this session.

I should probably mention…I only have 1 session left in the series! I can’t believe how fast it has flown by. Next week’s session (#12) will be my final review. I plan to focus the blog/vlog a bit more on my long-term observations with this series. I want to take a step back and analyze the more immediate effects of this process. I realize that my body could take 6 months or more to fully realize the benefit of this practice, but I have noticed some sudden improvements too, and I want to share them with you!

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Have you been through the Rolfing series? I’d love to know how it went and if you noticed any ling term results. Please comment your experience below, or send me an email me at


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