My Experience With ROLFING: Deep Back Line [Session 7]

my experience with kmi rolfing session 7 deep back line rolfing review
If the last session was my least favorite one so far…

….then this was my favorite!


KMI Rolfing Session 7: Deep Back Line

I’ve been waiting for the Deep Back Line session ever since I first met my Rolfer. I described my ailments and my goals for the series, and he looked at me and said “Then you’re going to love session 7, that’s when we’ll get deep into those hips!” What a coincidence that my favorite session so far would come directly after the most uncomfortable one.

This session is all about balancing the last two deep core sessions with support from the back. It focuses on spinal alignment in detail, addressing each and every vertebrae of the spine. Session 7 of KMI also does deep work in the hip rotators to balance the sacrum and SI joints. This was a very yummy session for me. Watch the video below to learn more about my experience with this session as well as some observations I had in the week following the treatment.


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