My Experience With ROLFING: Choosing a Rolfer [Session 0]

experience with rolfing bend oregon

My last post here discussed my desire and intention to give Rolfing a try. Rolfing is a method of structural integration that manipulates your connective tissue in order to realign the body. A¬†deep tissue massage for your fascia, if you will. As a yogi, a dancer, and a human, I am exploring this treatment to increase the overall comfort level in my body. I also want to specifically address alignment challenges I’m having due to bunions, which I was lucky enough to genetically inherit from the women in my family. ūüėČ


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Finding a ROLFER

Once I decided to give Rolfing a try, I had to focus on finding a practitioner who could take me through the 10-or so sessions that a full Rolfing series requires. There were a handful of Rolfers in my local area, including several with 10-20 years of experience. I made several long phone calls to these individuals, asked them any questions I had, and had them walk me through their approach.


experience with rolfing bend oregon

Matthew Williams, KMI LMT, BCSI / KMI Board Certified Structural Integrator

One of the practitioners,¬†Matthew Williams (KMI LMT, BCSI), asked me to come in for a free consultation session.¬†During this session, he spent a significant amount of time talking to me about what he does and how he came to be such a believer in Rolfing. (A massage therapist–turned Rolfer, after he realized that structural integration had longer lasting impacts.) He¬†also listened while I told him every little thing I could think¬†of that would be relevant to our shared goals in the sessions, should we continue to work together. After that, he had me do a series of exercises that taught him about my starting point in this process. Before the session ended, he even did a bit of body work on me to get things started. By the time I left, I realized I had been in there for two hours!


I decided to go with Matthew because of 4 reasons:

  1. He volunteered a lot of his time to help me explore the potential of treatment with him. I felt that his priority was¬†that I find the right practitioner to help me. If that happens to mean I return¬†to him, that’s great, but I feel confident I could bump into him on the street and not feel the slightest bit weird about not having returned to him either, as long as I had found the treatment I was seeking.
  2. His office is literally right across the street from my home. So close in fact, that even biking there would be ridiculous. I could crawl there.
  3. He’s a little crazy. Yep. I thought on this for awhile, and decided that it’s a good thing. Some of the smartest people in the world are crazy as hell. We’re all a little crazy, at least¬†he’s upfront about his crazy. ūüėČ (And yes, I’m sure he’s read this, and agrees!)¬†
  4. His brain works completely different then mine. I am a kinesthetic person. I must do it, feel it, or experience to truly understand. He is the complete opposite, more visual, scientific, and theoretical. He looks at and understands the human body way¬†differently than I do. I thought about this difference for awhile. Honestly, it held me up a little bit. But in the end I realized that maybe that difference is exactly what I need.¬†Someone who understands the things I don’t about the inner workings of my muscles and tissue. Maybe it will allow him¬†to notice things that I wouldn’t, and also analyze my situation from a fresh and contrasting perspective.


Updates Along The Way

I haven’t scheduled my first official session yet. That’s why I’ve labeled this article “Session 0”. Once I do, I will return here to share my experience with you all. Click Here To Get My Free 12 Session Rolfing Guide ‚ô•


Do you have experience with Rolfing? I would love to hear from you, especially if you were a patient that completed the entire series! What did you think about it? Has it helped you? Do the results last long-term? Feel free to comment your experience below, or send me an email with your thoughts to 




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