Channeling Michael Jackson: AcroYoga Performance!

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Balloons Over Bend

Bend, Oregon

This weekend, Buddy and I performed at an event called Balloons Over Bend, an annual hot air balloon event that takes place in the heart of Bend, Oregon. This performance was a collaboration between myself and Terpsichorean Dance Studio, where I currently teach Acro Fusion.

This was a super fun act for Buddy and I. We spent a bit of time studying Michael Jackson’s moves in his live performances of this song, using them as inspiration for choreography of the piece. It was so great. The Jackson kids were such incredible performers for their incredibly young age. Writing this piece really renewed my appreciation for Michael Jackson’s talent as an entertainer. Quite the inspiration.


Performance: “I Want You Back” (Music by Jackson 5)

Partner Acrobatics/AcroYoga

 I have attached the full video of our performance below. It was so much fun, we wanted to share it with those of you who could not attend. For more performance videos, be sure to check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel LindsiKay.  ♥

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