THIS Is How To Make Kombucha…and Save a LOT of Money! $$

how to make kombucha at home health benefits of kombucha

How to Make Kombucha At Home


It is incredibly easy to do. It’s also easy and inexpensive.
 If you’re eating (or drinking) on a budget and think you can’t afford the luxury of Kombucha…you’re wrong! Once you learn how to make Kombucha for yourself, you’ll wonder why you ever bought it at $4 a bottle. The preparation is quick, but there’s some waiting time involved in the fermentation process. 😉


Health Benefits of Kombucha

So why drink Kombucha? (Besides because it tastes delicious.) A good healthy glass of Kombucha can support your body in many ways. It’s worth noting that some store-bought Kombuchas may no longer have these powerful qualities, due to poor production or handling along the supply chain. If the beverage in question has been too cold or too hot at any point in the transportation process, the probiotics may not have survived.

Be sure that your Kombuchas are raw, unpasteurized, and come from a high quality company you trust–or just make it yourself. When you make it yourself, you have complete control over the process and the age of the beverage, which means you can count on all of that healthy gut flora. Here are just a few of health benefits of Kombucha…

  • Supports the Digestive System

Kombucha is a live product packed full of enzymes, probiotics and beneficial acids, all of which support a healthy gut.

  • Liver Support and Detoxification

The glucaric acid in the beverage aids the liver by supporting natural detoxification.

  • Immune Booster

A good glass of Kombucha is full of antioxidants which helps support immune function.


Flavoring Kombucha

Kombucha has become quite trendy. As it has seeped into mainstream culture, the demand for sweeter flavored varieties has grown significantly. Personally, I LOVE the flavor of Kombucha without adding any fruity flavors. I like it original and a little bitter. Every once in awhile, I’ll spruce mine up with some lemon and ginger. But that’s the beauty of homemade Kombucha…you can make it EXACTLY the way you love it. I encourage you to experiment with black vs. green tea to adjust the flavor, and if you’re still feeling adventurous, you could play around with flavoring your brews as well.



1 Giant Jar (1 gallon+)
Large Pot

4 quarts water
*6 tea bags (combo of black & green)
1 1/2 cup organic sugar

*8 ounces+ of mother tea

*You may choose any combination of black and green tea that you want. You may even use all black or all green tea. In my experience, the more black tea you use, the more bitter the Kombucha will be. If you prefer your Kombucha lighter, sweeter, or more mild, use mostly (or all) green tea. I usually enjoy a 50/50 combination.

how to make kombucha quick easy cheap inexpensive homemade gluten free recipe


*A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Every time you brew a new batch of Kombucha, the old SCOBY makes a new “baby” one, so hit up any Kombucha-making friends you have in your community to obtain a SCOBY for yourself. If you don’t have access to any, you can usually find someone in your community on Craigslist who has a SCOBY up for grab. If THAT doesn’t work, you can purchase a starter culture online. 🙂

*Mother tea is a small amount of tea from your last batch (or from the person who offered you your SCOBY) that will assist the fermentation process by “getting the ball rolling”.



How To Make Kombucha At Home


how to make kombucha quick easy cheap inexpensive homemade gluten free recipeBring 4 quarts of water to a boil on the stove. Once boiling, add the sugar and allow it to simmer for about 10 minutes as it dissolves (stir occasionally). Turn off the heat. Add the tea bags and allow to steep for 10-12 minutes. Remove the tea bags and cover the mixture so that it may cool to room temperature.

Once the tea has cooled…

Pour it into the gallon jar. Gently pour the mother tea and the SCOBY over the top. Cover with a cloth and allow it to brew in a warm, dark place. Depending on the climate you’re in, the Kombucha will take anywhere form 10-30 days to brew to completion. (Start checking it at 10 days.) The cooler the tea is, the longer it will take to brew. It always brews fastest for me in the summer. 😉

The final product should be fizzy, semi-sweet, and slightly bitter. You may add things like ginger or fruit to your Kombucha as well. Personally, I love the kick of unflavored, original tasting Kombuchas!


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