My Experience With ROLFING: Balancing the Lines and Completion [Session 12]

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I’ve completed the series!

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a bit of a gap between me completing the final session and releasing this blog. The reason I waited was because I wanted this review to look at the treatment from a big picture perspective. I wanted to give myself time to really observe and reflect on the changes I’ve seen in my body since beginning my experiment with KMI Rolfing.

It turns out I saw a lot of changes. 

When I sat down to record this video, I intended it to be the same length as the previous ones. When I completed the video, I was shocked to find that it was almost 20 minutes long. I have decided to break it down into parts, in order to make it easier for people to watch in sections if they don’t have time to get through it all in one go. 🙂


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Session 12: The Big-Picture Session

This post is going to be a bit different than the others.

Session 12 (Balancing the Lines and Completion) seeks to create balance in all segments of the body. It takes into account all of the anatomy trains lines worked in prior sessions. This is a big-picture session. It takes the examination from a micro focus to a macro one. Session 12 also aims to tie up any “loose ends” to complete the series.

This means that session 12 is very different for everyone. It completely depends on your body and how you’ve been responding to the treatment. It’s for this reason, that I will approach this final blog/vlog of the series with a big picture analysis as well. I will focus more on the compounding changes I’ve seen throughout this whole series, rather than my exact experience of the 12 session.


The change is undeniable…but will it last?

When I really stopped to reflect on it, I found that I have seen numerous changes in my body and movement patterns since I began this series. Some of them are subtle…some of them are obvious. I also realize that although the series is over, my body will still continue to adjust from the work for quite some time. Perhaps I will do a follow-up post in 6 months or so, to let you know if I’m still experiencing shifts, whether they be positive or negative ones.

That’s another aspect…I am really curious to see how long this bodywork resinates in me. Will my old habits come back and slide me back towards misalignment? Or will my continued awareness and effort to maintain be enough to break habits that aren’t serving me?

The video blog below details the changes I’ve noticed in my body since beginning the 12 session KMI Rolfing Series. Please feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts you might have about my experience. 🙂


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Have you been through the Rolfing series? I’d love to know how it went and if you noticed any ling term results. Please comment your experience below, or send me an email me at