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My Experience With ROLFING: The Spiral Line [Session 4]

The Final Superficial Session: The Spiral Line I have completed my fourth session! This one focused on the Spiral Line. This is the final session of the superficial section of the series. In other words, it is the final “once-around” the shallow end, before we start going deeper. The Spiral Line focuses on rotational patterns within the…
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rolfing review experiment session 3 the lateral line structural integration

My Experience With ROLFING: The Lateral Line [Session 3]

Rolfing Session 3: The Lateral Line The third session of a KMI Rolfing series addresses the lateral line of your body. Your Rolfer will work to stretch the fascia that runs along both sides of your body. This treatment seeks to engage the stabilizing muscles and fascia necessary in order to support the work from sessions 1…
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Channeling Michael Jackson: AcroYoga Performance!

Balloons Over Bend Bend, Oregon This weekend, Buddy and I performed at an event called Balloons Over Bend, an annual hot air balloon event that takes place in the heart of Bend, Oregon. This performance was a collaboration between myself and Terpsichorean Dance Studio, where I currently teach Acro Fusion. This was a super fun act…
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rolfing experieince session 2 superficial backline

My Experience With ROLFING: Superficial Backline [Session 2]

Back for Session 2 of my Rolfing Experiment…He-llo Superficial Backline! Thank you for joining me on my Rolfing experiment. This post is a part of a special series in which I share my session-by-session Rolfing experience with all of you. The reason I’m sharing this is because when I first discovered Rolfing, I started googling it…
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my experience with rolfing session 1 superficial frontline

My Experience With ROLFING: Superficial Frontline [Session 1]

I’ve officially started my Rolfing series! This is the second (read the first post here) of roughly twelve blog posts that will describe the experience I’ve had with a method of structural integration called Rolfing. I will post one blog/vlog per session with my Rolfer. I will attempt to keep it brief and focused on my…
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My Experience With ROLFING: Choosing a Rolfer [Session 0]

My last post here discussed my desire and intention to give Rolfing a try. Rolfing is a method of structural integration that manipulates your connective tissue in order to realign the body. A deep tissue massage for your fascia, if you will. As a yogi, a dancer, and a human, I am exploring this treatment to…
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I Have Decided To Give ROLFING A Try…Follow My Journey!

I spend all day long listening to my body. When I’m stretching, training, doing yoga, walking, sitting, dancing, or mowing the lawn…I am always in detection and assessment mode. Part of being a movement artist is that you can’t quite turn that off. I feel like I am constantly “tuning in” to my physical state. We…
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