About Me

It’s hard for Lindsi to keep her feet on the ground. She’s unapologetically passionate…an outspoken, energetic, multi-tasking movement artist who currently specializes in a mixture of acrobatics, yoga, and dance.

Her students span all ages and skill levels. Some practice movement arts with her as a lifestyle, and others train to perform and compete. As both an instructor and a performer, Lindsi can’t help but intertwine fitness and dance in her teachings, as she believes they are both crucial for creativity, technique, and safety.



Lindsi specializes in dynamic partner acrobatics, a cirque-style approach to acrobatic dance. She is at home in the air, a natural flyer who has taken balance arts to a whole new level by training acrobatic technique on another person—as opposed to the earth. Her current teaching schedule is packed with movement disciplines such as aerial yoga, hoop dance, acroyoga, arm balancing, inversions, and dance classes that blend all of these specialities into one.



Apart from her role as a movement instructor in the Bend community, Lindsi is also an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Slackrobats Academy, an online teaching resource for extreme yogis, acrobats, and slackliners. She also serves as editor for the Slackrobats blog, and manages it’s online communities. But there’s more to Lindsi than movement. She’s also the founder of Best Gluten Free Beers, a blog which educates and informs thirsty Celiacs about their growing access to gluten free beers.



Lindsi grew up in Bend, after moving here from the east coast at a young age. She received her B.S. from the University of Oregon, where she studied a myriad of topics including marketing, management, American Sign Language, landscape architecture, and communications. Bend now acts as a home base for her as she fosters her addiction to travel. Lindsi has been traveling her whole life, and has spent significant time in both Central and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The travel bug is strong in this one, and each year she spends anywhere from 1-3 months abroad, traveling to a new location each year.





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