“You were mesmerizing last night Lindsi! Thank you for a wonderful performance during the One Model Oregon Finale!”    
:: Tambi Lane Alderin (audience) ::


“Lindsi is an incredible performer for any occasion. I asked her to perform a hoop routine at my wedding in August 2012. She prepared, and beautifully performed, a tasteful and exciting routine for our guests. Everyone loved her performance and I still have people talking about it til this day! Lindsi was the perfect addition to my wedding reception and would be for almost any event or party. She’s the best!”    
:: Bailey Grizzle (client) ::


Acro with Sam, Jack, Buddy and Lindsi
Is such a transformative time
We start out dancin’ all in a frenzy
But soon that frenzy turns to rhyme
We base, we fly, reach for the sky
And from the very start
Contact…not just eye to eye
But truly heart to heart
Our bodies talk, they do not lie
They become the very art
Communicate, receive reply
From your Acro-counterpart
Verbal, non-verbal and tactile
“More pressure?” “Is this too much?”
Communicate, a nod a smile
Communicate through touch
Flyer, base and spotter
Three parts of the whole
Will flow as were they water
To achieve a common goal
So many terms and phrases
Too many here to list
Lunar, solar and all the phases
And the Prasarita twist (what the hell, it rhymed)
Front-bird transition to shoulder-stand
Shoulder-stand to folded leaf
Step up to star and there you are
Creating a motif
So, “Big Ups” to my instructors
Buddy Lindsi Sam and Jack
Though it’s really straining my adductors
I’m likin’ bein’ on my back
And I love being with all of you
This AcroYoga is the shits
And though I’ll keep on trying to
I’ll probably never do the splits  
:: T Poe (student) ::


“Lindsi helped  me  design the  perfect  hoop  for  my  needs.  She was super  helpful,  quick,  and  provided  service  with  a smile!  Thank  you!!”  
:: Kellen Hummel (customer) ::


“Lindsi has been teaching my daughter hoop dance for about 2 years now, and she is an amazing teacher!  Lindsi has a way of explaining movement that makes sense.  Grace has learned to be in touch with the tiny nuances of movement that make a huge difference. Lindsi is so fun and creative, and I am also always amazed at how much they accomplish in such a short time!  My daughter comes home with new tricks every time, and is so inspired by Lindsi as her teacher.  Lindsi is patient, kind, and has a connection to hoop dance that is truly beautiful to be around.  Her energy is so positive and uplifting, and it flows naturally from her.  I can’t thank her enough, or recommend her enough to anyone.”  
:: Tanja Majack (client) ::


“Lindsi- Your gift is amazing thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. You are a powerful woman with the spirit of a thousand angels beating in time to your performances . I am so excited every time I see a new post of something you have done ……in spite of all the words ….. You really do leave me speechless. Keep doing what you are doing it is obvious you truly love it from deep down inside where it counts!!!”
:: Lisa Gloster ::


“Watching Lindsi perform hoop dance is awesome.  The hoop becomes an extension of herself, and she uses it as a tool to let energy flow from her to the audience.  This art form speaks so clearly for her, and her message is graceful, loving, strong, and emotional on so many levels.  As an audience member, you feel grateful to be a part of it.”