Back for Session 2 of my Rolfing Experiment…He-llo Superficial Backline!

Thank you for joining me on my Rolfing experiment. This post is a part of a special series in which I share my session-by-session Rolfing experience with all of you. The reason I’m sharing this is because when I first discovered Rolfing, I started googling it like crazy, looking for other people–perhaps, dancers or athletes, like me–that had found success with this method of structural integration. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a whole lot. Despite that, over months of research and reading every blog I could find, I decided that I was ready to give Rolfing a try. I am bringing you along with me on this experiment in hopes that it will empower you to make a more educated decision about whether Rolfing is right for you and your body’s ailments.

rolfing experiment what to expect

The Superficial Backline

Session 2 of KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) is all about the superficial muscles and connective tissue (fascia) on the back of the body, the Superficial Backline. This included a lot of work in the plantar fascia of the feet, as well as the spinal muscles (erectors spinae), back of the shoulders, hamstrings, and calves. I must say…Session 2 was intense! Way more so than the first session (The Superficial Frontline) was for me. When I found out why…it made perfect sense. Watch my video blog below to find out why, and venture a guess as to which you would be!

Need to catch up on previous sessions? Visit my YouTube page LindsiKay to see previous videos from My Rolfing Experiment series.

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Do you have experience with Rolfing? I would love to hear from you, especially if you were a patient that completed the entire series! What did you think about it? Has it helped you? Do the results last long-term? Feel free to comment your experience below, or send me an email with your thoughts to 

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