We’ve Made It To The Integration Sessions!

After completing the last of the deep core sessions last week, we have moved into the final segment of the 12 part series: the integration sessions. This segment is made up of the final four Rolfing appointments before completing the series. It’s all about leveling the work we’ve been doing the past 2 months within the body, and figuring out how we can use this new-found support to correct long-term imbalances through physical integration.


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Session 9: Integrating the Lower Body

I will have the Rolfers at BostonIntegratedBody.com explain what the first of the four integration sessions is focused on:

In this session we address imbalances across all Anatomy Trains lines, core and “sleeve” together, of the lower half of the body. As we move into the integration phase of the series, we begin targeted work in gait and other functional movement patterns (depending on individual needs), to ensure that the body utilizes the newly opened fascial tissues. This session especially addresses how the pelvis moves in gait as well as the balance and alignment of the joints of the legs.

This means that session 9 is very much about how YOUR body is accepting the fascial release we’ve been working on since session 1. My Rolfer had me get up off the table and pace around the room often. We talked about posture and pelvic movement when I move. We analyzed the imbalances in my walk, and addressed support of the core line.

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Session 9 Video Blog and Re-cap

Have you been through the Rolfing series? I’d love to know how it went and if you noticed any ling term results. Please comment your experience below, or send me an email me at  lindsicagan@hotmail.com.

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