Least. Favorite. Rolfing. Session. Ever.

…at least thus far.

rolfing session 6 deep core abdominal thoracic core imi

KMI Rolfing Session 6: Abdominal and Thoracic Core

When they say deep core sessions, they mean it. This was the most uncomfortable Rolfing session yet for me. It wasn’t all bad, but certain areas were less than enjoyable. Boston Integrated Body describes the abdominal and thoracic core session (6) below.

In this central region of the Deep Front Line we continue the work of releasing restrictions between the pelvis and the base of the neck. The session addresses the psoas, iliacus, quadratus lumborum, and respiratory diaphragm to create support for the lumbars and a stable base for the torso. The session also includes deep work for the rib cage and abdominal areas through release of fascial adhesions in the visceral spaces.               http://bostonintegratedbody.com

We did a lot of breath awareness exercises in this session that have really helped me focus more attention towards my breath. Below I go into a bit more detail about my experience with this session. It was a powerful session. No denying that.


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Have you been through the Rolfing series? I’d love to know how it went and if you noticed any ling term results. Please comment your experience below, or send me an email me at  lindsicagan@hotmail.com. 


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