Yoga/Movement Clothing

You know what’s difficult?


Finding movement clothes that don’t rip when I do the splits…


or become see-through when I bend over in yoga class…


or get all torn up by my aerial apparatuses as I train…


Well, guess what? When I DO find a company that provides me with everything I require of my clothing…I share it with my fellow yogis/dancers/acrobats, because I know how easy it can be to throw away money on training clothes and costumes just to have the crotch tear out when doing an extra bendy pose in yoga class.

One of my favorite clothing companies right now is Be’wildher (formerly Pokosha). They are a small company based in Squamish, B.C. that produces high quality movement clothing that is:

  • Comfortable, even during the most acrobatic of movements
  • High fashion with high performance
  • Anti-sweat
  • Anti-stink
  • Flat lock seam finishing (This means they’re durable!)

I highly recommend checking out their site.

Be’wildher Website

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