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experience with rolfing bend oregon

My Experience With ROLFING: Choosing a Rolfer [Session 0]

My last post here discussed my desire and intention to give Rolfing a try. Rolfing is a method of structural integration that manipulates your connective tissue in order to realign the body. A deep tissue massage for your fascia, if you will. As a yogi, a dancer, and a human, I am exploring this treatment to…
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rolfing experiment this is my experience

I Have Decided To Give ROLFING A Try…Follow My Journey!

I spend all day long listening to my body. When I’m stretching, training, doing yoga, walking, sitting, dancing, or mowing the lawn…I am always in detection and assessment mode. Part of being a movement artist is that you can’t quite turn that off. I feel like I am constantly “tuning in” to my physical state. We…
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