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rolfing experieince session 2 superficial backline

My Experience With ROLFING: Superficial Backline [Session 2]

Back for Session 2 of my Rolfing Experiment…He-llo Superficial Backline! Thank you for joining me on my Rolfing experiment. This post is a part of a special series in which I share my session-by-session Rolfing experience with all of you. The reason I’m sharing this is because when I first discovered Rolfing, I started googling it…
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my experience with rolfing session 1 superficial frontline

My Experience With ROLFING: Superficial Frontline [Session 1]

I’ve officially started my Rolfing series! This is the second (read the first post here) of roughly twelve blog posts that will describe the experience I’ve had with a method of structural integration called Rolfing. I will post one blog/vlog per session with my Rolfer. I will attempt to keep it brief and focused on my…
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experience with rolfing bend oregon

My Experience With ROLFING: Choosing a Rolfer [Session 0]

My last post here discussed my desire and intention to give Rolfing a try. Rolfing is a method of structural integration that manipulates your connective tissue in order to realign the body. A deep tissue massage for your fascia, if you will. As a yogi, a dancer, and a human, I am exploring this treatment to…
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