Arm Exercises You Can Do ANYWHERE (No Equipment Needed!)

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A Convenient Arm Workout To Tone Upper Body


Here are 4



short exercises you can do to tone up your arms!


(Demonstration Video Below!)


Solo Exercises

No equipment needed!



(If you only do one, do this one!)  *Can be done at your desk, or literally anywhere.
Straighten arms to the side to make a “T” with your body. With both hands simultaneously, began making a fist and then flicking all fingers completely straight. This motion is called a flashlight. Repeat the fist-flick-fist-flick motion quickly, but be sure to achieve full extension when flicking and full contraction while fisting. Hold you arms straight and even as you do this exercise, and when you can’t hold them to the side anymore (your forearms will be burning!), bring you arms out straight to the front and repeat this exercise. Then straighten your arms above your head and repeat the exercise again. This exercise could be done while sitting at your desk at work. It’s quick and effective. (You won’t need more than a few minute at a time to feel the burn!)   Download Demo


Downward Dog Pushups

Find a downward dog. (2 hands and 2 feet on the ground, hips towards the sky, chest pulling towards your thighs.) Bring your hands closer together so that you index finger and thumb touch, creating a diamond shape between your hands. (Keep your downward dog form, head dropped, chest towards thighs.) Begin to do micro push-ups. The range of motion will be smaller than a standard pushup and as you lower, your elbows will go out towards the sides. Arms should be straight again at the top of a pushup. Do as many as you can. Increase reps as your strength grows.   Download Demo


simple quick easy arm exercises to tone your arms for summer lindsikay 4 exercises arm workout convenient location flexible you can do it anywhere equipment free no equipment needed

Partner Exercises

Grab a colleague, a friend, or a family member!


Partner (Tricep) Pushups

One partner lays on the ground with their arms extended straight up in the air, while the other stands a half a body length away from their head, facing the person on the ground. The standing person creates a plank (straight line from head to foot) with their hands in their partners hands, instead of on the ground. Ensure that there is a straight line between both partner’s shoulders and that the stack and hand grip is sturdy and supported. One partner does a tricep pushup (elbows stay in at the sides) while the other keep arms straight, and then they switch. After each partner has done one pushup, both partners do one simultaneously. The count goes “Partner 1 pushup, Partner 2 pushup, both pushup, repeat”.   Download Demo


Partner Shoulder-Taps 

*Do solo, or with a partner!
This exercise could be done with or without a partner. Both partners make a plank (on the ground) facing each other. Ensure that you are close enough to your partner to reach up and touch their shoulder with one hand. Now hold your plank and without compromising your position, carefully lift one arm and tap your partner’s shoulder in front of you. Now replace that arm and lift the other to tap the other shoulder. Repeat as quickly as you can without compromising your form (such as letting your hips swing or drop when you lift one arm). Partners can be doing these plank shoulder-taps simultaneously, but be sure to lift opposite arms at once, and keep in time with one another.   Download Demo


How long until I see results?

If you do these exercises daily, you will begin to notice the effects almost immediately. First you will notice an increase in strength. Kick it up a notch to keep yourself challenged by increasing reps, or expanding your range of motion. If you don’t have time everyday, shoot for at least 3 times a week. The workouts can be short or peppered throughout your day as your schedule allows. Some of them (flashlights!) can even be done at your work desk. It is important to ensure you are utilizing proper technique in these exercises in order to avoid injury or strain. As always, I would recommend doing less reps with proper form, as opposed to more reps with sloppy form.


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LindsiKay is the co-founder of Slackrobats, an online resource and community for extreme yogis, acrobats, and slackliners.