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These workouts are completely free and yours for the sweatin'. 😉


Free challenges to get you motivated and inspired to move your body!

12 Session Rolfing Guide

A free guide walking you through my experience with Rolfing.

Introduction to Essential Oils

Where have these been all my life?! I'll share what's working for me...

Weekly Classes in Bend, Oregon

Acro Fusion

Youth Program

Foundations of AcroYoga

Adult Class

AcroYoga 1

*accredited - Begins Jan 2017

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Check out performance videos, tutorials, and video blogs on my YouTube channel 'LindsiKay'.


You can connect with me on Facebook at 'LindsiKay' for motivation, inspiration, and updates to my schedule!


My favorite platform to engage with my movement and yoga tribes. A peak inside my life...

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